How personal blogs can benefit from seo and other forms of marketing

blog marketingFor those who have been paying attention to Digital Marketing Agency on EduBlogs, and have seen the post about marketing for business, we are putting together a response. However instead of talking about promotion for business, we are going to talk about promotion for personal sites and blogs. We constantly cover this topic on our main site. If you are interested in that you can visit Digital Marketing Agency to learn more. If you have already seen this then keep reading. Lets get started!

A social media presence is the very first thing you should try and establish. If you take for example the DMA Tumblr website, you will see that is it used completely different than a regular blog. The audience on tumblr is not expecting serious long for content. They want funny things they can look at and kill some time with. Next you should work on your outreach. While we cannot got get into too much detail about this we invite you to check out our weebly site to learn more. You might also find other interesting stuff there.

If you use something like AboutME, you can provide multiple forms of contact in one interaction. The about me digital business card service is one of the best and easiest ways for you to brand yourself.

Starting with a social property like Twitter is the best idea. Its very easy to use and it can help get the hand of social media if you havent ever used it before.